Boiler Services & Repairs

Smell Gas?
Telephone 0800 111 999

Remember that the degree of smell is no indication of the seriousness of a gas escape. If you can smell gas or suspect a leak you MUST do the following:-

  • Turn off the gas supply immediately at the meter control valve or emergency control valve. Look near the meter or where the gas supply enters the building. For LPG turn off the bottles or for bulk tanks locate the valve on the outside of the building near where the pipe enters.
  • Extinguish all sources of ignition
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not operate electric light or power switches (ON or OFF) as the small spark inside the switch may be enough to ignite the gas.
  • Ventilate the building by opening doors and windows
  • Ensure access to the premises can be made
  • Call 0800 111 999 to report the escape to the National Gas Emergency Service
  • Call us 01239 613423 - we will always respond as quickly as possible to gas emergencies, and you will need a CORGI engineer to fix the leak and reinstate your supply.
  • Keep Gas appliances serviced regularly - that means EVERY YEAR!

Gas installations & servicing

  • Natural gas or LPG (bottles or bulk tank) installations.
  • Landlords Annual Safety Checks.
  • Caravan safety checks.
  • Gas Hobs, Cookers.
  • Real Flame gas fires.
  • Boilers, Water heaters.
  • Central heating cookers.

Leaking oil - we can help.

Oil spills and leaks are not as inherently dangerous as gas; Kerosene at room temperatures usually requires the application of a naked flame to ignite it. However spills can have severe environmental consequences and pollution of watercourses, streams and rivers can result in heavy fines. Avoid contact with your skin if possible.

If you find an oil leak.

  • Turn off the supply at the isolating valve on the oil tank.
  • Mop up spills with sand, earth, cloths or any absorbent material.
  • If the leak is in the oil tank - try to collect as much as possible into cans, buckets etc.
  • If the leak is severe, try to form a dam with sand or earth until help arrives.
  • Phone the Fire Brigade if you cannot cope and pollution of a watercourse is possible.
  • Phone your installer or your oil supply company to get the tank pumped out.

We have a spare tank on a trailer and a pump to transfer oil from a leaking tank and back into a replacement with the minimum of bother.

DO check the tank, gauge and oil pipe work regularly, and get any weeps and drips sorted out before they turn into disasters

Oil installations & servicing

  • Oil tanks replaced - Steel or Plastic
  • Remote reading oil gauges - see the contents of the tank from your kitchen
  • Real flame oil fires
  • Boilers
  • Central heating cookers - installation & service

Thank you, Mr O'Connor for dealing with my plumbing emergency so quickly. Geoff and Dorian did an excellent job , leaving everywhere clean and tidy.
John D

We are very pleased with the work. Geoff was a very considerate person and a pleasure to have had carry out the work on our gas hob.
D Jones

Jeff came and worked his magic, doing an excellent job as always, to service my back boiler and gas fire, with him coming it made my weekend go just that bit quicker. All the best to you and your team, keep up the good work.

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